Monday, September 26, 2011

small sculptures

The stock is on the stove. In the studio porcelain sits in huge recycled lumps surrounded by combings from the wallum up at Tin Can Bay. Daphne and Pearl have taken a lump each with the bag of bush bits and are making their sculptures that capture the essence of unco-ordinated concentration, and pure delight in the physical world. Hair, dirty feet, toe prints, gumnuts, paper daisies and porcelain. Later, when they are in bed I'll try mine. When I'm throwing I'll remember the pure, immersion on Pearl's face. Having children both stops and starts the creative flow.

It is hard to let go of the romantic vision of complete, scholarly pursuit, dressed in some kind of fetching but shapeless cassock in an ancient stone tower.I think of the old motto carved in stone at the University of Qld "A Place of Light Liberty and Learning". It could be a quiet library but I have to make this busy, patchwork life such a place. As much light, liberty, and learning comes out of here as anywhere. Uncovering it amidst the chaos is the trick.