Friday, September 23, 2011

“I know this already”

“I know you know.

But do you believe what you know?”

From season 2,HBO television series ”In Treatment”

Before I even laid eyes on Anton Reijnders I read Arjen Mulder's “The Virtual Object of Interactive Art”. This text provided me with an intellectual articulation of the ideas I've been pondering for the last few years.

I see the use of domestic form as activating a dialogue between the artist and the user. Mulder refers to the conjunction of the symbolic and the physical form of art as a “coming to consciousness”(pp186, “Understanding Media Theory”)

Expanding one's inner self by looking at (or listening to, touching, smelling or tasting) something external and deepening one's view of the world by contemplating one's inner self. The insights thus gained can be expressed in words or translated into gestures, practices, worldviews and emotional processes to be embraced rather than avoided. In short reflections purpose is- do not be shocked- love” (pp186, “Understanding Media Theory”)