Saturday, April 28, 2012


Rainbow lorikeet feathers from Tin Can Bay
Galah feathers
A Brown Cuckoo Dove that killed itself flying into a window.

Friday, April 27, 2012

refining throwing technique

Feathers, Collection, Maps.
I'm reading about the transfer of visual information.  The effective change in representation form perspective to "flatland".  Information can be conveyed on a single map using both designs.  Delineation using boxes or enclosed lines activates white space with in the enclosure.  In"Envisioning Information"  Edward R Tufte analyses graphical representation and the tools of the two dimensional such as colour, line, composition etc that have been use throughout history to render information conveyed through graphs, and maps.  Tufte's analysis contains both science and poetry as he considers the elements most effective in conveying information.  In calling the drawing that I make on the pots "maps" I too am trying to convey information.   The "data" I collect are bushcombings, photographs and impressions and the point I try to convey through the maps is a two dimensional rendering of the sights, sounds and detail of a specific environment.  Combining abstract and representational images and marks, using composition to order the data renders an impression of the wallum  both informative and lyrical.   In his conclusion Tufte says
"....(This) frustration reflects the essential dilemma of narrative designs- how to reduce the magnificent four dimensional reality f time and three space into little marks on paper flatlands.  Perhaps one day  high resolution computer visualizations, which combine slightly abstracted representations along with a dynamic and animated flatland will lighten the laborious complexity of encodings- and yet still capture some worthwhile part of the subtlety  of the human itinerary."
(pp119, Envisioning Information, Edward R Tufte, 1990, Graphics Press , Connecticut.)