Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Writng and Making

I notice as I try to bring the act of writing into direct contact with the act of making that there is a tendency to veer away from describing or even speaking aloud about what I'm working on  in the studio. 

Integrating writing into my studio practice is going to be a long process.  It still seems quite separate as opposed to reading that is as much part of my making as breathing is part of living.  Photography has become integrated and is now a process akin to drawing, a way of helping me see.  The photography helps see and experience the landscape, coalescing it into line and pattern through photographs and then drawings signaling back to the experience of the initial sighting in a dynamic loop of communication.  Photography, experience, drawing and making pots bouncing signals back and forth, becoming tighter and more resolved as the forms grow and the information is sifted and reduced to it's essence. 

I want writing to become part of this process, so the writing is not merely a record of the process, a written history but part of the artwork.