Friday, August 10, 2012

Firings transformation

 It was so disappointing to fire these- they looked beautiful before the firing and in the bisque, but I tried slightly higher gloss to try and get the smoother, more fused surface of the raw porcelain (1290) and some of the beautiful colour and detail fused and disappeared.

But I am starting down the slow track of mapping the rock pool.  Figuring out symbols for the elements.  The rock pools are a more abstract concept than the bush.  they are about mystery, seeing plants and animals but being unable to recognize them, the pools are tricky, changing working with a watery, mutable rhythm.  They are secret, hidden and transform before you can really tell what they mean.  Visually they are arresting because they are so abstract.

2 months later.......
Luckily I didn't throw them in the bin in a slough of despond. I have seen new things in them the more I look, the effect of the pale green over the brown appeals to me, it has an iridescent birdy quality that fits the subject matter.